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What happens when you stop dreaming about the life you could be living and actually go for it? I am Daryl, a travel & adventure filmmaker. I’m one-third of the Treo behind Vancity Adventure, a YouTube channel, exploring the world with my son Cayden and Tosha the Pug (sometimes my wife). We are from Vancouver Canada and we started this adventure to clear our minds and find our souls.

We set out on this adventure in April of 2020 to film our adventures and create videos that motivate and inspire. Our mission from the start was to inspire people and to be honest in all we do. 

Join us on Patreon. You might be scratching your head going, what is Patreon? Patreon is our filming budget for our channel. This platform allows our biggest supporters to contribute monthly to our projects. The money raised here is what we base our monthly filming budgets on. Larger filming budgets allow us to take on larger production videos, travel and grow the channel. Without the support from our patrons, creating weekly videos would not be possible. 

What do you get for being a supporter? Expect to see posts and updates that YouTube doesn’t see. We keep our patrons here up to date on everything. They all get mini video clips, occasional early release videos before YouTube sees them, occasional Patreon only videos, Patreon only live streams. Access to private messaging with guaranteed response. Mech and stickers and random mail outs to "one" person every month (picture, note, postcard...who knows). We give a shout out to one random patron at the end of every video. And who knows what else will happen.

Adventure is right around the corner! Let’s get outside, explore and make new friends. We cannot wait to go on this #vancityadventure with you!




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I just love your Adventures and that sweet doggy of yours.  Keep up the adventures.


You have the BEST voice should be on radio or you should blow up on youtube ...I wish you much luck!!


Always nice to watch what’s going on in yours and Toshas’ life! The videos are always entertaining, Keep it up bro! Always look forward to another video! Stay safe!


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In what has been an evolving and challenging time globally, we have started more adventures. If your interested in sponsoring, Let us know.



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